Sean, Meet Jack

Group Design Director, Sean Metcalf talks golf, family, branding, and indie cartoons with legend and childhood hero Jack Nicklaus.

In addition to being one heck of a design director, Sean is also the son of a PGA Professional, a former All-American Collegiate Golfer, and one-time touring-pro. To say he's fully immersed into golf culture would be an understatement. So it’s not surprising that he looked up to the GOAT, Jack Nicklaus as a kid and still does today. Once as a kid he even managed to get an autograph from him – which he still cherishes.

A few decades later, when given the chance to meet Jack and Barbara Nicklaus at their home in South Florida Sean jumped at the chance. While sitting in their living room they talked Jack and Barbara's legacy, historic golf events, and about how we could help the family extend the Nicklaus brand to a world beyond golf. "The day was surreal but the most memorable part was when Jack introduced us to a kitsch indie cartoon, created by Icebox Studios, called the Elvis and Jack Nicklaus Mysteries. I mean who would have every thought I'd be watching a cartoon about Jack Nicklaus with Jack Nicklaus. Wild." Don't tell anyone but Sean may or may not have taken a souvenir, monogramed napkin (unused) and framed it to remember the once in a lifetime meeting. Stay tuned for more.