History by the Numbers


& SMC3

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  • Experiential


  • Design Direction

  • Motion Graphics

  • Experience Design


  • Technology

  • Transportation

SMC3 — a leading data solutions company in the freight industry — approached us to help create an exciting digital experience for its new headquarters, one that would tell the story of the company’s nearly 80-year legacy. The result was a powerful and memorable interactive retrospective by the numbers.


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    Designed large digital display wall for the new SMC3 corporate headquarters
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    Produced 3D animations that told the story of data in motion
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    Created a system of interactive storytelling surrounding the company's 80 year legacy
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    Created digital experience for welcoming visitors to new SMC3 office
Raised in funding
More customer leads
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A Data-Visually Welcoming Introduction

SMC3 Experience Center

The welcome area of any office space is the first place visitors really get to see and experience a company’s ethos. For SMC3’s new Atlanta-based headquarters, it was the perfect place to showcase their decades long evolution as an industry-leading innovator in the shipping business.

At the heart of SMC3’s success is an obsession with numbers. For them, data signifies empirical results that people can trust and count on, just like the company itself.

Leveraging that key insight, we decided on a massive digital display wall that combined stats, figures, and company milestones to create an immersive timeline, or “smart clock” of sorts.

Using multiple screens, we employed animated graphics and text to get to the heart of SMC3’s rich history, what considerable achievements they have accomplished over the years, and where they are going next.

We also included interesting facts about the design and architectural of the new building, calling out SMC3’s passion for smart and efficient sustainability.

Moments in Time

At the click of a button, the clock triggers specific milestones, transitioning from stats to dates to figures to, finally, solid, reliable, trustworthy metrics.

We saw this bold introductory experience as a perfect opportunity to make an immediate impression, establish a fun, educational, and customized visitor interaction, and set just the right tone for the SMC3’s next era in their new building.

Lobby Area

Every Number Tells a Story

In short, we let numbers tell the story of SMC3’s fascinating culture and heritage. Just like they’ve been doing for nearly decades.