KEH Goes Beyond with New Website



Project Type

  • Dynamic Websites

  • E-Commerce


  • UI / UX

  • Art Direction


  • Retail

To go along with their fresh new rebrand, Goods & Services delivered a website vision to be more intuitive, accessible, and easy to navigate. We redesigned its look and feel, improved its functionality, and increased general customer service to help KEH “go beyond” even further.


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    Delivered new concept and design direction for KEH website design and functionality
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    Improved search functionality, inventory UX, and accessibility
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    Refined grading system for all camera equipment being bought, sold, and traded
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    Identified customer personas to curate lifestyle driven content
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    Introduced new business model concepts featuring share economy

Bringing KEH into Focus

What good is a wealth of camera knowledge and the world’s largest inventory if no one knows it’s there? That was KEH’s challenge. The Georgia-based company had been camera experts and collectors for more than four decades and yet their expertise was being over shadowed by a confusing, disorganized, and ultimately unsatisfying web experience.

“Not much on their site was really working as efficiently as they wanted. Redoing their site was a great opportunity to fix those bugs while also bringing alive the new brand work we had done.”


Perhaps the most important story we wanted to tell was that the KEH staff were camera lovers first and foremost, whose main mission was to “go beyond” their clients’ normal expectations, to make sure other camera lovers had a trusted resource to tap into for all their photography needs.

Clickable Access

Rallying around the “go beyond” tagline the Goods team focused on KEH’s commitment to customer service as a huge differentiation for them.

Other core goals we had for the site included three basic principals: make it click(able), provide users better access to key information, and continue to promote KEH’s relentless commitment to their clientele.

The new, much more visually appealing version of the KEH website focused on cleaner organization of information, a more detailed product description page, and a global search option that made it easier and quicker for users to find what they wanted. The search function also helped KEH track user behavior to better serve their needs in the future.

The KEH Stamp of Approval

One of KEH’s unique offerings is a camera grading system. We upgraded this  service to make it easier for users to understand patterns of grading and how they can shop, trade, or sell based on that information. We also made it easier for users to compare camera equipment and even helped them better understand which camera components paired together.

And we added some fun new features designed to “go beyond,” including the option to browse by what topics were trending on the site, a 24/7 customer service function, and the ability to track your own camera’s worth daily.

To add a personal touch and leverage the burgeoning social media aspect, we created an influencer Skillshare program. Depending on what kind of photographer you are (fashion, studio, casual, portrait, landscape, etc.) KEH had an expert who would offer up tips and tricks and create a list of “portrait essentials” they could get from KEH.

“Everything we introduced to the new KEH site centered around a mindset of service.”

sean metcalf
vp, group design director